Legends of India’ set out to bring art forms out from their esoteric niches into the popular domain. The need of the hour is a cultural resurgence that upholds the values of our cultural heritage, “unless our great art forms are recognized and incorporated within the education process, they will shrink and become mere showpieces in the present “socio –economic scenario.”

Therefore, we embarked on this journey in 1999. We then did not know that Legends of India would traverse through such glorious decades. Close to two decades later, when we hear from different cultural communities, in different parts of the country and beyond, that Legends of India has assumed national dimensions over these years, our joy knows no bounds.

In addition to all our activities, we have therefore taken a conscious step to initiate teaching different art forms to marginalized children of our society that would lead to their overall development to become young ambassadors of change, brilliant and empathetic citizens of the world. Inculcating art forms in them through a comprehensive plan to help them imbibe and inculcate a positive change in their outlook and develop a vision to come up and also add a vocation that they can use for their own economic development.

Our experience in working with the juveniles incarcerated in Tihar Jail. Music and Art therapy has worked. We have seen the glow on the faces of those juveniles and a ray of hope in their eyes. Further, Visual Art and Sculpture brings out the creativity and sensibility, nurturing their level of confidence and hope which may have otherwise dampened within the surroundings of their present socio-economic conditions.

We shall continue to organise Baithaks targeted for young audiences. Resurrect our art forms particularly ‘Sangeet’ which includes diverse forms of Music: Vocal & Instrumental besides Indian Classical Dance Forms. We include providing an opportunity for those artistes who are talented but lesser known get an opportunity to share the platform with the ‘Masters’ if not legendary artistes.

To propagate discussions on Art and Culture organize monthly Art Appreciation Lectures with established artistes and art appreciators. Disseminate the event through web media to an invited wider audience globally. This activity will also be broadcast live across the audience of education and research institutions dealing with Art and Culture.

Legends of India Lifetime Achievement Awards: An annual salutation in order to accord recognition to renowned and accomplished Legendary artistes of Indian Art Forms: Music, Theatre and Visual Arts for their unrelenting contribution towards preserving and promoting traditional art forms.

In the recent years we have felt that there is a definite need to introduce a ‘Legends of India Skill Development Program’ for the young upcoming artists because they need to understand and imbibe the nuances and intricacies of Indian Classical Art which otherwise requires almost a lifetime dedication to master the format. Our endeavor is to create ambassadors of “Sangeet” (music & dance) who can carry forward our traditions and heritage forward and be instrumental in soft diplomacy.

Our Vision :

To create an institution of culture ‘Gurukul’ with an auditorium, library for mutual exchange programs in India and abroad, impart knowledge of rich Indian art form and provide educational amenities implementing ‘Guru Shishya Parampara’. The thrust shall be on the marginalized children (emphasis on girl child) of our society for their total growth and self reliance.

‘Legends of India’ intends to bring in a unique social change by ensuring education for the marginalized children of our society, specifically the girl child in Urban Slums that would lead to their overall development, build self confidence to be independent, self reliant transforming the lives of not just the children we work with, but also those of their families and communities.

Our Mission :

To discover, nurture, stimulate and encourage young talents and introduce special program(s) to impart training for skill development of the artistes.

To conduct an extensive program of world-class training for the marginalized children in Indian Art Forms, Remedial Academics and supplementary nutrition in order to build their self confidence and help them join the main stream.

To conduct shows/live & virtual performances to encourage and promote dissemination of traditional art forms. Create a platform for lessor known talented practitioners of Indian art forms.

To build knowledge and awareness among the members of the public and to propagate the rich Indian cultural heritage and its traditional art forms.

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