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The Journey Of Legends Of India so far

Posted On:12.31.2018
Posted by admin
When we embarked on this journey in 1999, we did not know that Legends of India would traverse through such glorious nineteen years from its inception. Close to two decades later, when we hear from different cultural communities in different parts of the country, and beyond, that Legends of India has assumed national dimensions over these years, our joy knows no bounds. Yes, let me declare here with all humility that your spontaneous support has helped Legends of India embark on its journey to becoming a global brand.
Legends of India just remained unflinchingly committed in its effort to identify, uphold and showcase the brilliance in different artistic traditions that exist in this country. Be it in Music, Drama, Dance or Literature.
‘Legends of India’ relentlessly organizes performances, interactive workshops, discourses and puts a good deal of effort to introduce Indian Art traditions to the young minds. We strongly believe that “unless our great art forms are recognized and involved with the education process, they will shrink and become mere showpieces in the present “socio-economic scenario.”
 In the recent years, we have felt that there is a definite need to introduce ‘Legends of India Skill Development Program’ for the young upcoming artists because they need to understand and imbibe the nuances and intricacies of Indian Classical Art which otherwise requires almost a lifetime dedication to master the format. Our endeavor is to create ambassadors of “Sangeet” (music & dance) who can carry forward our traditions and heritage forward.

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